Mossley Crew

My bizarre fascination with moss and how it affected my life.

About me…and the moss.

I am soon-to-be-college-graduate and I’ve always had love for the words lurching around my head. But I would label myself as an aspirant scratching at the door of the aspiring writer’s world. Picture a child with a crayon hoping to enter art school. That’s me. But my other labels are youngest, languages/cultures lover, cello swayer, bunny whisperer, tea student, paint splasher, and, most importantly, a child of God. Yeah, I’m complicated.

A wise teacher once said that we have symbols in our lives that poke their heads up repeatedly in the tedium of existence. Moss is one of those symbols for moi and I truly adore it but I’ll explain why later. This blog is for my literary thoughts and to explore my smorgasbord of symbols, including moss. Amusez-vous bien!

Personal Essay

Stay tuned!

Mossley Memoires

All the things about moss.


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